Care for your wool product

With the proper care, wool garment can last a lifetime.

Wool has a great potential for reduction of environmental effects from maintenance when compared to other fibres, such as cotton.

You don’t want to wash the garments too often, sometimes it is enough airing them.

And when you do need to wash them the wool program have lower temperatures and shorter cycles. This means you help reduce the environmental impact.

Scientists has crushed the myth regarding wool wash.

No mather what you think, you can machine wash wool, boil and centrifuge it without worrying about shrinking the garment. And luckily you don’t need to use high temperatures to clean wool, 30 degrees celsius is enough.

Just remember to use wool detergent, because normal detergent contains enzymes that’ll “eat” up the wool fibres.

Good advice for washing wool

  • If pilling has occured a wool comb would do the trick, if you do not own any you may purchase it here.

  • Use the wool program (hand wash program) on your washing machine (30 degrees).

  • Use wool detergent.

  • Don’t wash too often, if it’s smelly airing it is often enough.

  • If the garment is out of shape or too small you can stretch it when wet to get it back to normal shape.

  • If you need to disinfect the wool, boil it in a pan for 10 minutes, but do not stir or move it around (then it may shrink og get woven).

People who care live longer, and garments that are cared for may last a lifetime.