Kibou means “hope”...

Norwegian luxury of simplicity - Pure feelgood.

Designed in Norway and made in Shanghai.

Scandinavian high quality design, natural and sustainable materials and most importantly; wool.

Born and raised in Norway, a place where the weather can get ruff, wet and cold. This doesn’t stop us from going outside. We spend our days at the playgrounds, happy and comfortable.

Let the kids explore what the nature has to offer, let them be comfortable and still look cool.

Norwegian luxury of simplicity.

Founded in Norway, by 1 fashion designer mom, 1  fashion- and Interior designer and 1 graphic designer mom with a great love for wool!

KibouKid offers a comfy and trendy collection of wool and cashmereblends, known for its super soft and high quality garments for children from 2-8 years of age.

Did you know that wool adjust changing temperatures, and both isolate and breathes, keeping an even body temperature? Wool will also keep you warm even if wet.