#liveterbestute (#lifeisbestoutside)

A popular hashtag on Instagram for norwegians.

There’s a norwegian word, actually it’s become a national expression: “koselig”.

Which is translated into “cosy”. In Norwegian it has a lot of different meanings like, enjoying yourself in different kind of settings, a state of mind, inner warmth, the feeling of pulling on a knitted wool sweater, lighting candles, sitting outside the cabin in the snow eating an orange and drinking hot chocolate, having a delicious meal, the company of good friends and so on.

This state of mind is highly present during wintertime and it’s there both indoors and outdoors. The cold doesn’t keep us from having a “koselig/cosy” time, we know what to wear to stay warm and comfy throughout this freezing season.

Wool, wool, wool..

It’s in our DNA, a reflection of our national soul.

Wool is a renewable and sustainable resource. It is a natural textile fiber with many advantages. It insulates, regulates temperature and provides warmth even when wet.

  • It's antibacterial and odor neutralizing.

  • The wool fibre is naturally flame retardant

  • Wool provides warmth even when it’s wet.

The key is kink: wool fibers have regular crimps. When they’re spun into yarn, the kinks don’t quite match up, trapping pockets of insulating air. The fibers themselves have an outer layer of tiny scales coated with lanolin, a waxy substance that repels moisture and preserves the air pockets. The scales overlap like shingles, locking and tangling together, making the surface even more water-repellent.

Truly, KibouKid can’t think of a reason why not wear wool.

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